CAH09 “Why all this commotion and wailing?”

“Don’t be afraid. Just believe.”  Mark 5:36


Hello friends!

Things are getting a little crazy around here – the end of the school year (yes we are in school until mid-July), wonderful house guests, getting ready to travel home for four weeks and much more.

But the stillness is still there, waiting, inviting, calling us to pause, to rest for a time in the Lord’s presence.

In Mark 5 (21-25 and 35-42) we meet Jairus: a man of importance in the religious community, a man with authority, and until this point probably wary of Jesus, at best. Now, however, he is desperate as the life of his dear daughter is slipping away. He comes and throws himself at Jesus’ feet, pleading with him to heal her.

Jesus speaks:

“Don’t be afraid. Just believe.”

“Why all this commotion and wailing?”

“Little girl, get up!”

Please do come and pray with this story, if you feel led. I’m sorry that it may not be the best I’ve produced, but I trust that the power of the word to speak to you is not dependent on my strength to deliver it.

Thanks again for being here. Lots of love, friends.


Bible read in the NRSV

Art: Christ raises the daughter of Jairus, Yelena Cherkasova

The play I refer to, by the Riding Lights Theatre Company is called Inheritance 

Closing prayer from the Church of England

This is the companion story to Contemplative at Home Epidose 8: Jesus heals the woman bleeding.

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6 thoughts on “CAH09 “Why all this commotion and wailing?”

  1. Victoria

    Thank you Lissy for this lovely prayer time, it was so special to share with Nick on Friday evening. I had not noticed before how the lady had been ill for 12 years, and the little girl was 12 years old. 12 years was significant in the meaning of the prayer for me so it really stood out to me as well as ‘Do not fear, only believe’ – such powerful words.

    I’m happy to have missed out on the recordings this term as now we can pray with them all summer whilst you are away!

  2. Lissy Clarke Post author

    Thanks Victoria, glad you and Nick were able to enjoy it together! Hope you enjoy them over the summer holidays xxxx

  3. Margaret

    Thank you once again Lissy. This spoke to me and encouraged me in a very unexpected way!

  4. Lissy Clarke Post author

    Sorry for the slow reply Margaret, so glad to hear this was of encouragement to you! Every Blessing!

  5. Gabrielle

    Hi Lissy, Just listened today after the bombings in Paris. Thanks again for sharing with us all. Love x Gabrielle

  6. Lissy Clarke Post author

    Hey love!! Cant believe I’m only reading this today…so sorry! so lovely to know you’ve been listening. Lots love love to you both!!!

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