Using the Prayer Experience

What happens in a Contemplative at Home podcast?

Each episode is a guided prayer experience, basically following this outline:

  • Introduction to the passage that we will pray with
  • Settling into a deep place of prayer
  • Listening to the passage, slowly and prayerfully, twice
  • A few questions for reflection

Each episode prays with a different passage of scripture, usually a short story from the gospels.

Episode one is not prayer session, but an introduction with some background and information about how to use the podcasts.

How to get the most out of the prayer experience

Consider this a mini-retreat, a treat!, a gift to yourself: time in the Lord’s presence.

To have a deep and significant prayer experience, devote your whole self to the prayer. Put everything aside and sit in one comfortable, distraction-free place. Give this time to the Lord.

If you can light a candle, or set something special in front of you (perhaps a cross, a window, a flower or a rock) this may help to focus your thoughts on the Lord’s presence. DSCF6689

Make yourself comfortable, I like to put my feet flat on the floor or sit cross-legged, rest my hands open on my lap, and imagine a big wide space in my chest- fully open to the Holy Spirit.

Dealing with distraction

It is normal for your mind to wander when you begin to pray in this way. When you find your thoughts have taken you away from the prayer, quite simply and gently, just turn your attention back to the Lord and the prayer. Getting annoyed about being distracted will only take you further away.

The invitation to prayer is an invitation to turn towards the Lord and to be in his presence. Turn and be. Practice that simple but profound movement each time you become distracted.

If there are practical things distracting you, jot them down so that you can return to them after your prayer time. If there is something significant on your mind, perhaps the Lord would like to speak into it as you pray. Imagine laying it down in His presence, and trusting Him with it. Then return to the prayer and listen for His voice.