Wide Open Space

After being stuck at home all week (chicken pox quarantine), my cabin fever was becoming a far greater liability than Mr B’s spots!


A walk through our local open space was a serious soul-reviver this afternoon. These scenes quite literally rescued me from a very, very dreadful mood.


And tonight these luscious colours were my companions while I finished editing the first Lectio Divina Podcast!


I’m so excited to be so close to this podcast actually happening. Keep your eyes open on Wednesday of this week. If all goes to plan the podcast will be available on this blog and on iTunes by Wednesday evening GMT. This week’s episode will be an introduction, to be followed by eight guided prayer sessions published weekly on Wednesday evenings. More details to follow!

I’m really looking forward to sharing Lectio Divina with you all. In the meantime I hope that you’re getting plenty of your own wide open space.

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  1. It strikes me that finding a monastery in our home or garden is like finding that wide open space for the soul. Jesus “rose early to find a secluded space to pray”. You have found the secluded attic retreat and now I will enjoy creating a space to sit and be still while listening to your Wednesday podcasts! I am a grateful mama, indeed!

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