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LDP#3 Contemplative Listening to Psalm 32

Special Edition! This podcast is a bit different than the others- we’re stepping away from our series in Jesus’ early ministry in this episode, to listen reflectively to Psalm 32.

This psalm covers many themes including: confession and the  joy of forgiveness, God’s provision and protection,  instruction and personal growth, our hope and joy in the Lord.

psalm 32.10

The reason this slightly different episode is sneaking in this evening is that I’ll be preaching on this Psalm in a few weeks!!

I wanted to listen contemplatively to the Psalm while I prepare my sermon so I thought I might as well make it into an episode…

I know that you will have rich insights and reflections as you pray with it, so if you do use this in your own prayer time and are struck by insight, I would love to hear it!  It just might get folded into my sermon!

Here is the link to the episode.

Every blessing.

PS: I’ve got the next two episodes recorded but I don’t know if I’ll get time to edit and upload them before we go away for two weeks, in order to keep sharing one each wednesday night during the last two weeks in July.  If not, they will be ready for the beginning of August when I’m back at the computer!