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CAH 03 “Follow me”

Jesus said to them “Follow me, and I will make you fish for people.” Immediately they left their nets and followed him.   Mt 4:19-20

Hello Friends!

You are invited

to set aside 20 minutes,

to sit deeply in the Lord’s presence

to listen

for new insight from these familiar words.

Thanks for joining us here. If you do pray with this session, it would be a treat to hear how you found it, and what stood out for you.

Every blessing!

LDP#3 Contemplative Listening to Psalm 32

Special Edition! This podcast is a bit different than the others- we’re stepping away from our series in Jesus’ early ministry in this episode, to listen reflectively to Psalm 32.

This psalm covers many themes including: confession and the  joy of forgiveness, God’s provision and protection,  instruction and personal growth, our hope and joy in the Lord.

psalm 32.10

The reason this slightly different episode is sneaking in this evening is that I’ll be preaching on this Psalm in a few weeks!!

I wanted to listen contemplatively to the Psalm while I prepare my sermon so I thought I might as well make it into an episode…

I know that you will have rich insights and reflections as you pray with it, so if you do use this in your own prayer time and are struck by insight, I would love to hear it!  It just might get folded into my sermon!

Here is the link to the episode.

Every blessing.

PS: I’ve got the next two episodes recorded but I don’t know if I’ll get time to edit and upload them before we go away for two weeks, in order to keep sharing one each wednesday night during the last two weeks in July.  If not, they will be ready for the beginning of August when I’m back at the computer!


LDP#1 Lectio Divina with John 1:35-39

Thank you so much to the 55 people who went and listened to the podcast introduction on PodOmatic last week!! How amazing is that. Unless it was just five of you who each hit play eleven times. Also entirely possible.

But thank you again, so much, for being here with me.

I realize that listening to on PodOmatic is not the most straightforward format, and I’d really hoped to get it into a much simpler play-format over the weekend. But the technicalities are still winning the battle despite (too) much time and effort on my part to sort it out.

I’m going to hang on in this temporary arrangement for the summer, and use the time to learn and pray about how to make things a bit smoother down the line.

For now, thank you for bearing with me.

This week we’re diving in to the actual prayer experience. The text is John 1:35-39, when John the Baptist points Jesus out to his disciples, and they follow Jesus.

I will always remember Dale Bruner teaching this passage in his course on John’s Gospel at Whitworth College (as it was called back in the day). He stepped out of the lecture room and then popped his hand around the door, with his finger pointing straight ahead. He must have held it there for a while because I vividly remember that hand, and the pointing finger. This was all to illustrate the point of John 1:36. John the Baptist’s purpose in life was to point towards Jesus.

Do you want to give 30 minutes of your week to pray contemplatively with this passage? Might God have something to say to you through this text?

I invite you to set aside the time, find a comfortable, fairly distraction-free spot, hit play and be guided through the prayer time.

If you do the prayer, I’d love to hear how you find it.

You can also leave a comment below about which word or phrase stood out for you, and, if you like, why it was significant for you.

Because this isn’t widely available yet, I feel it is still something of a ‘trial run’. If you have any constructive criticism on anything about the podcast (other than the fact that its awkward to play), I’d love to hear it.

Ideally I will post a podcast every Wednesday over the summer, but I’m not going to kill myself to make it happen. I feel more called to spend my time listening and waiting in God’s presence for insight into the way this project should go.

For now, follow this link to listen to LDP#1 

Thanks for being here friends.