Off on an Adventure


Hello and thank you so much for stopping by.

This feels something like a launch party, as though we need a few balloons, a cake and a small but enthusiastic round of applause.

The concept for this space has crystallised over the past few weeks and I know that now is the time to leap into the unknown and make a start.

My vision and hope is that this blog will be a place to explore the pause, to stop and reflect together on who we are, who God is and how God is speaking to us.

The current plan is to post
– a weekly podcast of Lectio Divina, guided contemplative prayer
– photos and videos of reflective moments and spaces
– reflections on the contemplative experience, Christian faith, and raising children in that context

I am stepping into the unknown, fears and misgivings in tow, with no idea where exactly this will lead, but confident in the Lord’s great love and gracious presence.
May we walk together more deeply into His heart.

If you wish to subscribe I’d be delighted! Looking forward to sharing the journey with you…

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  1. I plan to follow the path step by step as you make your way into the unknown. May you be lead by the Light of God’s Wisdom and Creativity. And may all who read and listen to your words be excited to start their own great adventure of walking with their children into God’s loving heart and open arms, longing to welcome each one of them.

  2. Yes! “now is the time”. It sure is….and is so exciting to be experiencing just a little of it with you….so looking forward to following along and looking forward to all you have to share, which I know will be special and precious to God and all of us 🙂

  3. Hi Lissy
    So I’m joining this a little later, but at just the right time for me. I’d bookmarked your website a month or two ago and just now have a few moments to come back to it. We’re just a couple of months into our year long adventure in Toronto. Separated from close friends and family, and our faith community too. Although we’ve found a place of worship here to belong to for the year, I feel a little adrift! An exciting time full of opportunity, but also with its challenges and the intensity of time with our two small boys without the support of our wider family. I’m longing for this to be a time of growth spiritually, and a time for growth as a family, and need to take time to be still in God’s presence. Thank you for sharing these posts. I look forward to reading more of them and journeying along with you.
    May you be blessed as you bless others,

  4. Hi Rebecca, lovely to hear from you and so great that you’re having a Canadian adventure. Well done to you all. May it be a rich season of growth and discovery and a special time for your family. It will fly by!! Thanks for checking in with this little project its lovely to have you here x Lissy

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