LDP#2 Lectio Divina with Luke 4:31-37

Thank you so much to those of you who have let me know that you sat down and prayed with the podcast last week.

This weeks episode is a bit longer but I trust that you will find it to be of value to you as you pray with it.

Is there a word or phrase that has stood out for you? Why not share it in the comments section here, it will make the experience more rich for others.

To listen to the podcast in podomatic, click on this link.

Every blessing!

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3 thoughts on “LDP#2 Lectio Divina with Luke 4:31-37

  1. gailhatch

    Lis–Love you to the moon and look forward to see what God will do in my heart after listening–tomorrow I meet with moms at church for a : “Moments for Moms”–a time to drink from the well. I will bring scripture and food for them as well. Then we will share.I have not settled on the scripture so this may lead me along. Only a few can come but they will be fed and so will I. Childcare available and meeting at the new church location–a first for a mid week something with content for moms–it so thrills me!

    Love you into eternity, gal. xoxo Mama

  2. Erin

    Lis, I am late to the party, but finally had a quiet, uninterrupted time to listen this morning to my first podcast. I read these words yesterday, “pour all of your energy into trusting me.” Circumstances have brought me to my knees and I am being led on a trust walk with God. I woke up early because I had so much on my mind and I needed to focus on Christ’s presence. My daughter has had trouble sleeping the past few months. She keeps waking up in the middle of the night with bad dreams. At first I was so focused on comforting her when they happen. But last week my coworker shared about her pastor’s daughter and how they prayed over her for the nightmares to stop. And so I have been more intentional each night to pray for God to stand guard in her room to keep those nightmares away. And I have been sharing with my daughter about knowing God’s presence with her when things seem scary in her dark room when she is alone sleeping. She has a cross to hold to remember God’s presence with her. Her nightmares have stopped.

    The words that stood out to me from this passage were authority and command. There are so many voices daily competing for our attention but Jesus has authority. When I was listening to this passage describing the demons, it was so tumultuous. Nightmares and difficult circumstances feel so tumultuous. But Jesus commands peace.

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