LDP#3 Contemplative Listening to Psalm 32

Special Edition! This podcast is a bit different than the others- we're stepping away from our series in Jesus' early ministry in this episode, to listen reflectively to Psalm 32. This psalm covers many themes including: confession and the  joy of forgiveness, God’s provision and protection,  instruction and personal growth, our hope and joy in the Lord.... Continue Reading →

LDP#1 Lectio Divina with John 1:35-39

Thank you so much to the 55 people who went and listened to the podcast introduction on PodOmatic last week!! How amazing is that. Unless it was just five of you who each hit play eleven times. Also entirely possible. But thank you again, so much, for being here with me. I realize that listening... Continue Reading →

Lectio Divina Podcast: Introduction Episode

The moment has arrived! The introduction episode to the Lectio Divina Podcast is now online! And you can listen to it right now, by clicking right here.  Or by opening the link to podomatic (you might need to take a few seconds to make an account)  http://lectiodivinapodcast.podomatic.com. Note: All these technicalities of hosting and RSS... Continue Reading →

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